Goodbye Grandma Custer

Today we celebrated the life of my Grandma Custer. Although Grandma endured a life filled with much adversity; you would never know it because her love was so unconditional to all of us. Today the service was filled with her favorite Bible verses, her favorite hymns and some of her grandchildren shared their personal feelings about her.

Her memory will live on with each of us and it makes me happy to know she's at peace and that she is loved.

As we drove to the cemetery, oncoming traffic pulled off the road and stopped their vehicles.  Perhaps this is something only Darke County does, but every car and truck did this along the route.  It brought tears to my eyes to see the respect strangers displayed.

Her grandsons Shawn C., Randy B, Chris B, and Chris L, her great-grandson Alex D, my sister Becky and my hubby carried her to her resting place.

My sweet Grandmother, I know she is at peace.

Rest in peace....


Melinda said…
it is a law that people are supposed to pull over for funeral processions..though not everyone does it. I too was impressed that all but one did it..even the big truckers!

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