Fairy Garden Class

My sister, Becky, and I traveled to Richmond, Indiana to take a fairy garden class at The Watering Can.  I must say I was excited about this class because I've been collecting "fairy" items for the last year to use in my fairy garden.

Becky and I made fairy crowns to wear to the event, but at the last minute Becky chickened out.  Not me, I stuck that thing on my head and drove the 75 miles there proudly wearing it.

But before the class, we did stop at Clara's Pizza to eat those yummy bread sticks.

We were the first ones to arrive for the class.  We picked out the plants we wanted to use and then waited for everyone else to show up.

The class was only $10.00 and you got a tin container, soil, moss and an angel.  Below are the plants I purchased.

I also purchased this little succulent and the cute little dragon.

Oh I forgot, when we arrived they had made some yummy treats for us:

Then we got busy.... here's Becky's garden.

And this is mine:

When I came home, I did switch out the fairy.  I like the fairy I purchased several months ago.  I also collected acorns from my parent's yard since the fairy is an acorn fairy.

And I'm in love with the little dragon...

Oh and then Becky snapped a photo of me by the oak tree....


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