Her Hands

When I think of Grandma I often think of her hands.  Her hands were always busy either with embroider work, crochet, or working a word puzzle book.  And in the morning her hands would be following the text of her "Daily Bread".

Those hands would often given me a back scratch that seemed to last for hours and felt so wonderful.  And off course those hands rolled out thousand of noodles and hundreds of pie crusts.

I held those hands when Grandma was in the hospital.  I'm sure I covered her hands in my tears as I realized I would never feel those hands against me again.

Life on earth is just a fleeting moment and sometimes we get so wrapped up in the day to day that we forget to stop and appreciate the present moment.  I know I wish I had more moments with Grandma.  

I recall reading the following:  "Enjoy the little things in Life, for someday you will realize THEY were the big things."  Those words are so true.


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