Honey Bees & Bumble Bees - Oh My and Hello August

Can you believe it's August?  I've been home 3 months now from work; and it doesn't even seem possible that 3 months have gone by.

Today I dropped over to Brookville to watch Audrey in the marching band and then to Mom's house for Chinese takeout.

Today was Audrey's last day of band camp so the students dressed up.  She was Mario.

She's not wearing her mustache at the moment.  

I do believe that's Mr. & Mrs. Shrek with Luigi in the middle.

After lunch I went outside and took some pictures.  Dad has a huge bush of Veronica.  I thought my hair and the flowers matched colors...

Then I heard a buzzing sound and I looked down:

Yikes - honey bees and bumble bees oh my.

I will say the bees disregarded me and Becky as they were busy gathering pollen.  This plant was covered in bees.

Then I came home and a local market, Dorothy Lane Markets, was grilling rib-eyes and selling sandwiches; so Gary picked some up for supper.

Now it's time to rest.  Hope August is a great month for you.   I do believe my hair color will be changing to either blue or a hot pink.


Anonymous said…
I'm behind on the news on your blog. Are you on a three month vacation or somethin? Can't believe Audrey is so grown up. What a perfect photo you make, next to the flowers! :-)
Angie at Home said…
My job at JPMorgan ended on April 30th. Our office closed in Dayton, OH and moved to Chicago. I took the 52 weeks severance pay and am taking the summer off.

Good seeing you. Hope you have been having a great summer.

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