Saturday Seafood Lovers

We had lunch at Mitchell's Fish Market which is located on the riverwalk at Newport Aquarium.  The weather was perfect:  no humidity, a nice breeze and low temperatures.  We all had fish and chips and this "shareable" dessert which was an oreo cookie bottom; 1/2 gallon of ripple icecream, layer of peanut butter and crushed peanuts, whipped cream and then more nuts.  After 3 bites I was dizzy and had to stop.

It was a beautiful day.  You all know I love being by the water and since I no longer live by the pond, I was really enjoying the afternoon.

Almost 25 years married -- where did the years go?

My sweet little cupcake Alex.  He will be 22 in August... when did that happen?

And the men in my life (in background is Cincinnati - we are in Kentucky)

We didn't do the Majestic tour.  Last time Gary got very motion sick... but it would have been a good day to travel the Ohio River.

Cincinnati, Ohio


Anonymous said…
That is some-looking dessert! Good-looking family! Love your hair! :-D

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