Missing you...

Last week, Gary and I came across a traffic accident.  An elderly woman had struck a motorcycle.  The motorcycle was probably 100 feet ahead of the motorcyclist who was sitting up on the road, holding his head and appearing to be in a state of shock.  A woman was standing with the elderly woman, rubbing her back, trying to calm her down.

Other motorists were stopping, trying to offer assistance.  I began crying.  The image of my Grandma came flooding into my view.  I wondered if others came to her aid when she was struck by an automobile.  Did someone get out of their car to help her?  Did she know she was about to get hit by an oncoming car or did it happen so quickly she didn't even see the car?  Did she feel any pain?  All those thoughts came to me and I was so sad and upset.  Upset that I would never know those answers.  Frustrated that the person with her (the driver of the vehicle) could probably answer those questions but knew he wouldn't really know since he tried to give her cranberry juice when she was laying in the hospital unconscious.

I've been really sad and depressed since seeing that accident.  It's weird that seeing those people opened up so much emotion in me.  I just cry at odd times.  It's very unlike me.


Olivia said…
We change as we age and experience losses, EB. I know that I do. My personality is different...I wish you comfort as you contemplate how much your grandmother meant to you! xoO

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