Charges have been filed...

My uncle who was driving the car on May 27th and who failed to yield at a stop sign and pulled out into traffic causing the accident that killed my Grandma has had two charges brought against him:

M2903.06A3 VEHICULAR HOMICIDE (Misdemeanor 1st Degree)
M2903.06A4 VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER (Misdemeanor 2nd Degree)

Although I realize him being sentenced for either one of these charges will not bring Grandma back; it does bring me comfort that the Prosecutor valued my Grandma's life.

He will be arraigned on October 21st.

ARCANUM, Ohio (WDTN) – A victim injured in a car crash in Darke County Tuesday died.
Sheriff’s deputies say Olive Custer, 91, of Arcanum, died Thursday morning at Miami Valley Hospital.
Investigators say she was the passenger in the car driven by Michael Custer, 67. They say Custer failed to yield for a stop sign and drove into the path of an oncoming car at Arcanum Bears Mill Road and State Route 571.
The younger Custer and the driver from the other car, Timothy Cox, 23, were treated for minor injuries.
The crash was the third fatal crash this year in Darke County.


Olivia said…
That must be hard EB, in so many ways. Especially since he is your uncle. I am so sorry. xoO

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