A Walk Through the Lights

Although the temperature was 33 degrees; Gary and I decided to walk through the park to enjoy the Woodland Lights.

The air was crisp, no clouds overhead, a perfect night to take a long, long walk.

The paths and bridges were shining brightly in the dark.  I really loved the above bridge.  Perhaps one day when I finally get my log cabin I'll have a decorated bridge like this welcoming me home.

Even Santa dropped by to check on all those boys and girls that were screaming with excitement on the many paths at the park.  I'm pretty sure a lot of those children got bumped up to the "naughty" list.

Gary and I finally met up with a reindeer.  He allowed his photo to be taken.  His antlers were amazing.

He even allowed us to take a photo with him.  By the way -- the family in front of us had a little girl who didn't want her picture taken with the deer.  Instead she wanted to look at his butt.  "naughty" or "weird" list???

If you are ever in Centerville from December 5th through December 30th -- you need to drop by.  I'll link their website below.



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