December 23rd -- 55 degrees & Raining

Two days before the big day and it's 55 degrees outside.  It's officially Winter and it feels like Spring. And the rain doesn't seem to want to stop.

I think Christmas should be blanketed with snow.  It makes the day seem new, bright and magical.  Instead we are going to have mud and rain and I saw an earthworm this afternoon.  I actually saw several earthworms swimming in puddles.  Where the hell do they go and how do they so quickly reappear when there is rain?

I normally love the rain; but not today.  It's been dark and foggy.  So tonight I'll light some candles and play Christmas music and forgot that I hear rain through my open patio door (yes I'm thinking about turning on the air because our house feels so warm inside).

How's the weather in your neck of the woods?


Patty said…
Well it's not that warm here. I took the dog out around 5, wind was blowing and it's getting colder. Be careful driving up here tomorrow.

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