New Orleans - Part 2

Visiting the cemeteries in New Orleans was on the top of my list.  I love to visit cemeteries (Woodland in Dayton, Ohio has been shared on this blog countless times).  I knew they would be old but I didn't realize they would be falling apart.

Name plaques fallen to the side or completely gone; or numbers instead of names was quite common in this particular cemetery.  And bundles of bricks were laying everywhere.

The air was musty and damp.  The cemetery was so quiet.  We walked from one section to another section in total silence.  You could almost feel the souls of those departed glancing over your shoulder as you stopped by their grave reading their names and stats.

I wondered about these three people and how they had died on the same day.  Then I googled the date and found that 6 people had drowned that day on Lake Pontchartrain.   The link for that article and photos of the above people can be found at CreoleGen Tragedy.

There were flowers on some of the tombs but the majority of the tombs were old; names so worn down it was hard to read.  And yet here the tombs stood, waiting.

This tomb had 5 figures on top of it - two which were headless.

Although the angels head is missing - he still stands guard so regal.  

This particular cemetery - St Louis #2 had three large sections.   The oldest births listed that I saw was 1780.  

Below are some more photos from our visit.

As we were leaving the cemetery we came across an actual funeral procession with a large band and a glass carriage.


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