New Orleans - Part One

Gary and I went to Mississippi for Thanksgiving.  We spent a couple of days with my friend, Kathryn.  She delighted us with prime rib roast for Thanksgiving instead of a turkey.  I shared my perfect mashed potatoes in a crockpot recipe with her.  The meal was wonderful.

On Black Friday we (Gary, Kathryn and I) ventured further south to New Orleans.  This was my first time to that city.  We rented a home which was in the Bywater district.  This house was very eclectic.

 Standing at front door looking in to house.

Living Room

Bar area

The house was filled with old stuff, new stuff and lots of art from area artists.  It also was primitive in certain ways and none of the doors actually closed which was upsetting for me who already had bathroom anxiety; but hubby rigged up two socks and created a tie and lock closure for me.

New Orleans is the town to go if you want to experience good food.  I've been in a cooking slump but now I'm excited about trying new recipes, new foods and new spices.  Here are just some of the foods we ate:

Shrimp & Grits - at Nola's

It was on top of my list to visit one of Emeril's restaurants.  I decided on Nola's and it was more than I expected.  The food was excellent and the servers were amazing.  We ate in the dining room on the 3rd floor which was filled with exposed bricks, lots of wood, low lighting -- just beautiful.  

Brie Fries at Baie Rouge

The fries were thin and crispy and baptized with melted brie.  I became a believer of this sinful concoction.  

Pork Belly at Baru Tapas

Pork belly -- AMAZING.  I savored every fat moisture from this incredible.  There was much moaning as every one ate.

Praline Bacon at Elizabeth's

I've never had a praline (and never actually tried one in New Orleans either) but I did try this bacon on Sunday, again on Monday and well of course on Tuesday.    FANTASTIC.   I can't even begin to explains the salty, sweet taste of this bacon that just melts in our mouth with flavors blasting off to your brain.  I will tell you that at the first taste your eyes will close and your head will lift to the skies. It's a spiritual moment.

We did do other things besides eating and I'll share that with you tomorrow.  


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