Sneak Peek

I'm finishing up my Christmas decorating.  We removed the mantel from the fireplace so this year I'm using the bar counter as my "mantel".

I'll post more pictures later this week.  In the meantime  -- what is your favorite holiday tradition?


Thank you for visiting the Gyspy ballet and leaving a comment. I look forward to seeing your Christmas decorations when you post them. The photo of your sweet Christmas decorations was a nice tease.
Jackie said…
Love the blue hue (I made a rhyme, didn't I? Didn't mean to.... :) )
Favorite Christmas traditions....
Hmmmm. That gives pause for thought. I hadn't really thought about something we do each year, but I guess there are some things that never change, eh. :)
Putting peppermints on the Christmas tree for those we love is one tradition that we enjoy.
Putting candles in each window for the passersby (and for us) to enjoy is another.
Hanging our stockings from the mantle is something we always do, also.
Sending you hugs and love,
Burlap Luxe said…
Thank you dear for visiting g my Gypsy New Orleans French theatre. I am so enamored with your comment, and you have made my day with letting me know how much you feel I captured with the style. I create these theatres and have for years. I also create creole homes, altar-ish and shrine-ish. You can see my work in my solds of etsy, and you can see the angel Creole home I created that's for sale right now in my etsy BurlapLuxe. It's on my blog side bar... I have sold many pieces in the last few days, but my solds may inspire you.

I love your bling and Christmas sparkle here. And will love to see what's to come, I will return soon.

See you later.

A Joyeux Noël


bj said…
What a fun time of the year...
thanks for coming by.

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