Flowers for Grandma

It's funny, before the death of my Grandmother, I never really understood why anyone would really decorate a grave.  I only went to cemeteries to admire the stonework and to take photos of the angels.

But now that Grandma is dead; Becky and I visit her grave at least once a month to change out the flowers.  Becky had made a promise to Grandma that she would do this.

These are the flowers I picked for late January to early March.  Since it's been so cold in this neck of the woods I have to wait for a little warmer weather so we can pull out the previous flowers.


Patty said…
Very pretty. She would like them, I know. Yes she asked Becky about the flowers, she told Becky, I know your Mother doesn't like to take flowers to graves. One year I did decorate them all, my Grandparents, Nancy's, several aunts that were all at Castine and even took one to Lenore at her grave, someone took them, they were made to look like little rose bushes, very pretty.
Patty said…
I noticed on Facebook you asked people to check out your blog. Print looks ok to me, if I have to I can always enlarge my screen. But I can read it fine. Pictures are showing up great also.
Melinda said…
grandma and I talked about the flowers on the graves many times...I told her I would do it...and I also told her others would want to do it...that she never had to worry about that...someone would always be putting flowers on the graves. I know she wanted flowers on all the graves she used to put flowers on though...not just hers and grandpa's....she was worried about that too. I have wanted or thought about doing flowers on her grave and others but so far you guys have done it each time so that is fine long as someone does. If you don't want to or cannot sometime let us know. I might also stick something extra in whatever you put out there from time to time. We visit the cemetery often.

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