Guy Fieri Sausage

After workout on Thursday I stopped at the Xenia Walmart (I know, I know, I rarely ever go into a Walmart) to pick up some tangelos.  I browsed around the food section and came across these:

There were several other flavors, but I picked up this one because it was fajita seasoned and because it was chicken sausage.  I actually thought I could eat one for breakfast with scrambled eggs (trying to get back to the Weight Watcher's tracking).

Anyway, last night after having visited the dentist I didn't really want to make supper but Gary and I couldn't decide where to go to eat.  I then remembered I had picked up the sausage and told Gary I could whip up supper.

So I took a can of black eye peas, rinsed them off thoroughly and left them to drain while I fried up 2 slices of bacon, adding a whole diced onion and 5 mini bell peppers.  I also added a half bag of frozen yellow corn and let that all simmer before adding the black eye peas.  I stirred up a pan of cornbread and I fixed some Tex-Mex rice.  Of course I cooked the sausage according to the directions.

I must say supper was pretty tasty and only took about 25 minutes from start to finish.  The sausage was just a tad too spicy for me (I have a sensitive mouth) but eating it with rice really zapped the heat. Gary enjoyed it and said he would eat it again.  So I'm going to check out the other flavors available.  I guess this product is exclusive to Walmart so I'll be heading back (but only to the Xenia store which seems normal and not crazy like the one in Miamisburg which always has police cars in the parking lot).


Patty said…
Sounds good, what would you call the dish, any name? Also good that Gary enjoyed it, what did Alex think? Or didn't he eat any?
Angie at Home said…
Alex wasn't home (he worked late)... and then he went out to dinner with friends.

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