Living a Simple Life

I saw this video posted on Facebook and it slapped me in the face.  I keep saying I want to live a simple life.  I want a small home.  I want to grow my own vegetables and eat healthy.  I always enjoyed yoga but it's been 35 years since last doing it and now my body is so big and clumsy I don't even know where to begin.  And then this video pops back online.

Last night I watched several episodes of "My 600 Pound Life".  That was also a wake-up call.  I had gastric bypass in 2001 and I'm back on diet coke which I'm not suppose to drink because of the carbonation and then I wonder why I'm so hungry.

So today I'm going to start making a few changes to my everyday routine:

  1. Back to the personal trainer next week.  
  2. Drink 2 bottles of water before I allow myself a Diet Coke (goal is to be off Diet Coke by month end).
  3. Prepare a meatless meal once a week for my family.
  4. Eat fruits and vegetables daily (alas we are really bad with this especially during the winter)
  5. Start Stretching
I know these changes are small but I want to live a big life.  I want to be healthy and fit and flexible. I do want a bicycle and I want to grow my own vegetables and we are starting to look for land where we can build a tiny home (although our condo is tiny by many standards... we have a neighbor below and beside us.  Although we never hear them I want land to sink my toes in and have a plot to grow vegetables in the ground and not in a pot on my balcony).

More to follow.  I hope you enjoyed the video.  To be 95 and to be that flexible?  Sort of amazing....but highly improbable in the life I'm leading today.

Happy Thursday my sweet petunias.


Abraham Lincoln said…
I hope you can do it and make your life over as you want it to be.
Olivia said…
EB, I took great inspiration from this simple but profound video. I encourage you in the changes you are wanting to make, which are countercultural--like my own--thank you for this. I know that we can do hard things! xoO

I shared your video in my community Women at Rest (which I may have never told you about--I was gifted it by Carla Blazak). I can't share the URL here but look up Women at Rest on FB (and please like it) and see where I shared it :)
Olivia said…
And I too want to live a big life---a big simple life ALSO with a small house. Not a "tiny house" but small: probably 600-800 square feet. xoO
Anonymous said…
Hi - I have just stumbled across your blog (homes/shabby chic picture). Usually I wouldn't intrude but your comments struck a chord.
I live in a VERY tiny space, mostly alone, on a low income - a "simple" life, as people see it.But life has not gotten more simple. I still have too much stuff, but I need stuff to do the creative things I want to do. I want more money, to crowd my life with the activities I want to enjoy. I lust now after pictures of big houses and large bathrooms and closet space and think, "if I had THAT, THEN I could..."
The pursuit of happiness, and maybe to wish for something else is a sign of life. But I figured maybe I'd remind you that while that video is beautiful, right now you appear to have many people in your life, a lot of love, including a partnership with your husband, a fairly comfortable home (I'm guessing), and a lot of talent for expressing deep thoughts.
I'm at a similar stage, trying to reconcile my desires and my realities, and bring them closer if I can. But still I thought I'd remind you that you ARE on the right track, that you seem to appreciate your life today, and things may be as they are because deep down, you know your own priorities...

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