Monday Meditation -- A Quote from Maya Angelou

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away."

I came across this quote last week; and it has glued itself in my head.  I get stuck running on that daily treadmill that makes up one's life; and I don't take the time to really appreciate what I have and to celebrate it.

I've been off work eight months and haven't done any of the things I had planned to do.  I'm wasting so much time on stuff that really has no meaning in my life; wasting time in trivial pursuits.  And I wonder why I'm doing that?

A new year has begun and I realize I need to wake up and begin again.  I don't want to waste any more time.  I want to have spectacular moments that make me gasp for breath and I know it's not going to happen if I continue on the same path I'm currently treading on.

Go back to school?  Start looking for a new job?  Learn how to use my Canon Rebel?  So many things I can be doing to be more fulfilled.

January is always the perfect time to reflect on your previous year and to plan on what you want to do in the new year.  Coming across this quote was important.  It captured my attention.

I hope this year is the year you have moments that take your breath away.  And when that happens, please let me know.  Of course I'll also share my moments.


Olivia said…
EB, just on the off chance you are interested in alternative health, I wanted you to know that I have been creating a lifestyle and business for myself around essential oils. I use the oils myself, but work from home online in different online groups to motivate and educate mostly women in their own businesses. I build relationships so that if there is someone who also wants to build a business I can support her. And help her as I help myself in learning a better way to think about life and problems so that she can transform her life.

I see it like life coaching in a way, but something that I can also work around my health issues (which I am using the oils to help also). So anyway, I didn't know what your ideas about working were, and if you had any passion about a career--I do about this one and wanted to share it with you :) xoO

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