Old Habits Die Hard

Today I went out to run some errands before the Ice Storm of 2015 hit our neck of the woods.  First stop was the carwash.  And yes, even though it was going to start raining 6 hours later, I wanted to get all the salt off my car for now.

Then I went to Target.  Valentine's Day cards are out in all their pink and red glory.  As I began flipping through the cards, I suddenly realized I was looking at cards for Grandmothers.

I found the perfect card and placed it back in it's slot.  That made me so sad.  I was always buying my Grandma a card.  I actually have a small collection of cards I had purchased to send to her; you know like thinking of you and you're my best friend type of cards.  Every time I go to a store that sold cards I would always look for a card to send Grandma.

And Grandma kept all those cards.  Upon her death my Mom gave me a packet of cards I had sent Grandma throughout the years.  Inside some of the cards were photos, or letters but each of them were sealed with hugs and kisses and mega love.

I'll never buy a card for a Grandmother again.  And that makes me sad.


Kathryn said…
I totally understand your sadness. Virtual hugs coming your way.

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