Dreams - Cows and Spiders

A group of us were at my Grandma's house, gathered around her table.  We heard a loud sound and turned to look.  A stampede of brown cows were coming down her alley.  Of course I grabbed my camera and went outside.

When I went outside what I thought was Grandma's home, the outside of the home was different.  The steps tiered down to several levels and at the last level a cow was standing there and another person was pulling a baby calf out of the cow.

I then continued down the alley, following the cows.  They eventually were corralled.  An insurance man who seem to know me and my family was hosting a party and invited us in.  We had drinks and food; and went down to the basement level of his house where you were actually able to walk out to the back yard.  There was a huge pond/lake there and fireworks were going off and in the distance you could hear the cows mooing.

I decided to leave.  When I opened the door that would take me upstairs, several large shiny black spiders appeared.  They seemed aggressive and moved towards me and the woman behind me.

I backed away and the woman behind me stepped forward.  More spiders appeared and then jumped on her back and legs.  As she began to struggle to get them off her; I ran up the stairs.  One bigger spider latched on to the bottom of my foot (hmmmm... when did I lose my shoes).

Of course everyone was gathered at the top of the stairs when they heard all the screaming.  I sat down on a bar stool and the spider's fangs were deep in my foot.  The realtor's wife laughed and said "you just have to cut it off in order for him to let go of you".

As I grabbed a knife from the counter....the spider slide back...leaving his head and fangs in my foot.  I stabbed his big round body... and my blood squirted everywhere.  When he was finally dead, his fangs and head slide out of my foot.

I'm on a blood thinner; so once the fangs were removed, blood showered out of the puncture wounds. I was freaking out about the amount of blood and everyone else appeared drunk.  My blood was also a different color; not bright red but more like a wine color.

And then I woke up, checking my foot for puncture wounds.   Now what the hell does this dream mean?


Patty said…
Don't ask me, I can't interpret dreams. But kind of gory.

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