Soapbox Rant

I live in a condo.  Each condo unit has an assigned parking space.  My space is #55.  Today when I came home from running errands a big white SUV was in my spot.  Now I realize there is snow everywhere and it might be hard to see a number spot vs. a spot that says visitor, but Hubby had shoveled my spot out and #55 was clearly visible.

So I pulled up behind the parked car, when inside the building and found the unit that was having the party.  She's an older woman (hell she's probably my age).  When I said I believed someone at her party was in my spot, she said "where is your spot?"  I told her it was the first spot and she yelled "Liv, you're going to have to move your car".  So, as a tenant and the owner of spot #54 (and by the way she was parked in her own spot) she knew someone was in my spot and didn't give a rat's ass.

As I waited for the owner of the white SUV to come out to move her vehicle I looked around and noticed different cars in all the tenants' spots.  When the driver came out she said where should I park.  I explained to her where she should park and wondered why the person who was throwing the party hadn't informed her guests on the proper spots to park.

There are probably 12 to 14 cars out here in other tenant's spots.  We have a Club House that has 25 spots at least.  She could have directed then to park there and walk over.

If I throw a party I make sure everyone knows where to park and in a situation where snow is blocking the space numbers or the word "visitor" I would have someone outside directing people to appropriate spots.

I'll get off my soapbox now.  I just had to share.  I realize the world is filled with people that lack common sense, manners and just good neighborly skills.


Patty said…
There's always one in every group. She knew and was too lazy to do anything about it.
Olivia said…
You summed it up very well in your last sentence. It is true. It is also true that we are blessed to have been taught common sense, manners, and neighborly skills. We are skilled. Many people have grown up today without being taught much of anything to equip them for life in this world. They have raised themselves, or each other, instead of having older, wiser parents or grandparents, or aunts and uncles, or community. It is very, very sad.

I try to love those people too. It is hard because they make life so difficult. You know they are narcissistic and don't even know it. But as you implied, it is what it is and really, what can we do?

Just I think to be grateful. And to try to teach good lessons in a kind way when you can. xoO

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