Angie W's Birthday Celebration

On Friday, March 20th --- the first day of Spring, we gathered at Brio's to celebrate Angie Winterbotham's birthday.

Most of the JPMorgan Birthday Gang was there:  Alex Hara, Tina Jones, Marlene King, Kumiko Randall, Angie Winterbotham and me.  The missing members of the Gang were Lisa Huelskamp and Linda Sizemore.

Here are a few photos:

 Angie (The Birthday Gal)

 Marlene - So Sweet

 Tina - UD Flyer Cheer Team

 Kumiko --  Seriously not drinking alcohol

 My lunch - shrimp risotto

 Alex -- Never without the Chase Lanyard

 Kumiko - Without Her Drink

And of course me -- showing off my new purple manicure while grabbing my breasts.


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