Another Weird Dream

My Uncle Sonny took me along to visit with a new friend.  We pulled up to a small cottage-like house.  Inside there was about 10 people sitting in a circle around a man.  The man was Matthew McConaughey.  I looked at my Uncle with an all questioning stare, telepathically asking him "how the hell do you know this guy".

Everyone around him seemed like they were in a trance of adoration.  At one point he said "oh they should send up some donuts, I really, really want a donut" and began rolling back and forth in his chair.  After the donut roll, he proceeded to a Brita Water Pitcher that was sitting at the end of the loveseat.  It was in a clear plastic box.  He opened it up, and pulled ice cubes from an ice drawer located under the plastic box, and dropped them in the Brita.  He closed everything up.  My Uncle who was sitting closest to the water pitcher pushed a button and the ice was crushed.  Matthew then pulled out a teeny tiny cup and looked around at everyone and said he didn't have any more cups.

At this point I was like thinking "dude what the hell is wrong with you".  I shouted out "I'll get some more cups" and left the room.  I entered what I thought was a kitchen, it was very small.  The cupboard doors were thickly painted and none of the doors closed.  I opened up a cupboard and it was filled with specimen cups.  Thousands of specimen cups in a variety of sizes were there.  A man in a business suit walked by and said "this isn't the kitchen, the kitchen is downstairs".

So I followed the man.  I came to a stairway that was long, paneled in a dark wood-grain.  You could barely see the bottom of the stairs.  As I began down the stairs, they were too narrow for me so I had to walk sideways.  However, I finally reached the bottom of the stairs and walked through a series of doors before I was finally able to get out of this area.

When the final doors opened, I was in an underground "mall-like" area.  There were thousands of people walking around in and out of shops.  The man had told me the kitchen was the second door on the left but I couldn't see a door.  Finally I came up to a security guard and said "Matthew McConaughey sent me down to fetch some cups, but I can't find the second door on the left."  By this time several security guards at appeared.  They began laughing and the first guard said "Oh so you know Matthew and he sent you down here?"  None of them believed me.

Thankfully a woman in a lingerie shop across from where I was standing talking to the guards said let me call.  I guess she had Matthew's phone number.  She called and it was confirmed that yes I was indeed sent down to fetch some cups.  The guards were apologetic and then I woke up.

Now... I didn't eat anything weird before going to bed, I did one of those Oprah-Deepak meditations before falling asleep and I really don't like Matthew McConaughey and I think those car commercials are so freaking lame.... so I have no idea in hell why I would be having a dream about him.

More importantly, what does this dream mean?


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