It's Official: I have a job

Finally received notification that my background check and my fingerprints have cleared and I'll start working at Morgan Stanley on Friday, May 15th.

It is really hard to believe that I've been off work since May 1, 2014.  Time really does fly, especially when you are having fun.  I accomplished a lot while I was off work, but my 52 weeks of severance pay is almost gone so I have to get back on that work wheel and start spinning again.

Of course - when I win the Power Ball.... not sure what I will do... ::::wink...wink::::

I will say this, as God/Heavenly Creator/The One is my witness, I hate having boring brown hair and dream of the day I can return to purple or blue or green or pink.....ahhhh those were the days.


Anonymous said…
Congrats on your new job! :-)
Angie at Home said…
Thanks so much.... I was off work for a year, but happy to be going back.

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