Monday - May 4th - A Visit with Sonny and Lydia

I love visiting with my Uncle Sonny.  He lives at Wayne Lakes and it's always so peaceful by the lake.  You all know how much I enjoyed living by the pond and feeding the ducks, geese and catfish that resided there.

We had lunch down in the fairy forest.  Sonny has built a small cabin on the edge of the lake for his grandchildren to play in.  It features a sofa area, small dining table and a sleeping bunk.  It's very cozy inside and if I was a child I would love it.

Sonny grilled out hamburgers; we had pasta salad, chips, baked beans and fresh fruit.  Miss Lydia broke into a cookie right before the hamburgers were ready and was not hungry.  She fed her meal to the huge catfish that was close to the water's edge.

Lydia has lots of energy and becomes quite restless, hoping from one project to another.  I must say that when I came on Monday I went to bed at 11:30 which is about 2 1/2 hours earlier than I normally go to bed.  She wore me out.


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