A 3/4 Sleeve World

I recently purchased this t-shirt to wear on July 4th weekend.  I wore it today to meet a friend for lunch.  This t-shirt has short sleeves.  I never wear short sleeves.  My world is filled with three quarter length sleeves.  For years I've convinced myself that my arms are too huge to show off in public.

One day I noticed my arms when I was wearing a short-sleeve pajama top and matching shorts.  I really looked at my arms.  And something clicked; they were not so bad.  Sure they are big like me; but not weirdly so, not like what I had imagine them to look like.

So today I wore this new t-shirt in public.  My friend didn't say anything about it, my son didn't noticed anything odd about me, I went to Target and no one stopped in their tracks, gasping and pointing at me... so I guess all this insecurity about my arms came from me.

Weird ain't it?


Patty said…
Looks nice on you.
Abraham Lincoln said…
I think it makes you look comfortable, Angela.

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