Bittersweet vs. L.U.V.

So I finally received "Bittersweet" from Sephora and obviously the picture I had in the previous blog entry had been altered.  I do like this shade and it's a perfect match to my OPI gel nails in the color of "The Berry Thought of You".... but it's not lilac.

I did go to Sephora last night to look at all the purple lipsticks they had.   And after many swatches I decided to purchase Kat Von D "L.U.V." Studded Kiss Lipstick.

It's also a matte lipstick but it feels very creamy when it's applied and I swear it smells like cake.  I love the packaging (I love all her packaging).  I did apply the lipstick and wore it for several hours drinking soda from a straw and eating cookies.  The lipstick did hang on and my lips never felt "dried out" like they can when using a matte lipstick.  

Overall I like both brands of matte lipstick.  They both are creamy, they apply smoothly and they aren't drying.  

I can't wait until Fall, Kat Von D's line has some amazing intense deep maroons I want to try.

I hope you had a great Saturday my little luv bugs and Happy August! 


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