Obsession or Addiction?

I might have an obsession with eye shadows palettes.  When a new one comes out, I usually have to purchase it.  And don't get me wrong, I do use them.  However, in looking over eight of my palettes last night, I kind of realized that they all contain very similar colors (except for the Electric Colorbox).

Most of the palettes contain taupe and browns (really good for someone with blue eyes)....but do I need all of these?  At the time I always notice one or two shades that are too beautiful to pass up.

My most recent palette is from "it cosmetics".  I own the original Naturally Pretty palette and they just came out with the Naturally Pretty Romantic palette.

The bottom one is the new palette.  These palettes all contain matte eye shadow which is perfect for an aging eyelid.  I try to stay away from too much simmer as that only enhances lines and wrinkles.  The eye shadows blend very nice together and they last all day.  They also contain a lot of good stuff for aging eyes.  I'm actually going to try the new palette out today.

Urban Decay has the new Naked Smoky palette out.  So far I have held off purchasing it.  I found this photo on the internet.... and wanted to share with you.

I haven't bought this yet because many similar colors are in my other palettes.  Urban Decay eye shadows are amazing...so maybe this palette will go on my Christmas list.

I do think taking stock of what you own, how often you use it, if you like it is really a great tool to see what you use and what you hate.  I knew I had a lot of eye shadow (and I have a few extra palettes that aren't pictured in the first phone above) but until I saw them lined up I guess I didn't realize how many I owned.  I do wear eye shadow every day but even I know there is no way I'll every use these palettes up.  In a few palettes you can tell what my "go to" colors are.  But when I think of the price of these, I could have easily bought a new purse or two.

What is your make-up indulgence?  Is it almost an addiction? Let me know!!

I hope my little love bugs have a Super Saturday.  The weather is "PERFECT" here in Ohio.  I mean I rarely have my windows and doors open in August.  Right now (it's 8:30 am) it's 62 degrees and no humidity.  Autumn is giving us a little tease today to remind us she will soon be approaching.  Later love bugs!!!


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