Political Debates or Has the World Gone Mad?

I ran across the above picture somewhere on the "world-wide web" and it really struck a chord.  Maybe because I had recently watched a Presidential debate.  I guess I should say tried to watch one.  I only lasted an hour.

I want to know about the candidates.  But when they start talking negative about their opponents, ridiculing how each other looks, being a bully to others, it just really sickens me.  And people wonder why there is a bullying problem at schools.  It seems as a nation we thrive on this behavior.

Reality shows abound our air waves.  Gossip, shaming, name-calling, etc., are common and the nastier the people are to each other, the more the ratings go up.

I just want to discover the candidate, review their past history and make my own decision.  I can make up my own mind.  Your negative campaign, your name-calling, your shaming only confirms to me that you are not a candidate I would want to run our country.

Do you like this type of behavior?  How do you decide where your vote will go?


Jackie said…
Unfortunately, the candidates were answering questions that were being stupidly posed to them by the moderator. I think that CNN was more interested in ratings than in us learning about the candidates. CNN moderator kept saying things like, "So and so said this about you. What do you have to say about that?"
WHAT kind of question is that? Not one that the American public wants asked of the aspiring President of the United States. I think that CNN did that full well KNOWING that it would cause conflict and confusion (and therefore dislike)of the candidates. I'm interested to see if CNN uses the same types of questions in the Democratic debate. I'm not a betting woman, but I'm going to predict that it isn't done. Why? Well, CNN is a liberal station.....supports liberal candidates (obvious if one watches CNN for any length of time)...and this type of format won't be used.
Just my opinion.
Delete this if it is offensive to your blog comment section.
I mean no harm....just stating my opinion.
Angie at Home said…
No, I agree. The questions they asked were ridiculous. And at least some of the candidates stated that and said the American people don't really care about us arguing; but what we will do for them.

I rarely watch CNN. We have been watching One America News though to be honest I don't usually watch any news.

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