Closets, Pizza and The Corpse Bride

We have lived in this condo for almost a year.  And one of the things I have not enjoyed at this condo is our walk-in closet.  It has a vintage wire system that made it difficult to hang your clothes.

Every day and every night I would complain about this "wire" system.  And most nights something would fall off a hanger as you tried searching through your clothes.

Today Becky and Margaret came over and tore out the old stuff and put in actual closet poles.  I'm overjoyed with the results and the ease of hanging your clothes, searching through your clothes and nothing falling off the hangers.  I'm so thankful they were able to do this for us.

We picked up pizzas from Pies & Pints.  I really love their pizzas and I wanted Becky and Margaret to try them.  They seem to enjoy their vegetarian pizza and I know we loved our steak and mushroom pizza.

Then it was time for a movie.  We scrolled through the "on demand" option of decided on "The Corpse Bride".  Becky and Margaret hadn't seen it before and they both love Tim Burton movies so it seemed like a win-win.

Did I mentioned my Halloween tree is up?  It sits to the left of the TV.  I love this 6 ft black tree.  It's super skinny but overflowing with ornaments.

I hope you had a super Saturday.  It was like November weather here, 48 degrees and rainy.  Just a small taste of what will be coming our way.


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