Pampering Thyself

Do you pamper yourself?  Do you make time for yourself?  How do you pamper yourself?

It's taken me many years to finally enjoy getting pampered.  Finding time in your day when you are busy with life can make pampering not an enjoyable endeavor.  As I'm growing older I'm realizing that making this time for myself proves to be beneficial for me but for those around me too.

Today I cleansed my face and pulled out one of my Sephora masks that I have stashed in a drawer.  These masks retails for $6.00 and they have a variety of them for different purposes.   I decided on the Lotus Mask which says will moisturize and soothe my skin.

Now the mask should be left on for 15 minutes.  So I pulled out my Samsung tablet and use the app "Relax Melodies"  I chose ocean waves, light rainstorm and wind chimes and set the timer for 30 minutes.  I closed my eyes and listened to those waves and the rainstorm and I guess I fell asleep.  I woke up about 35 minutes later, the mask almost dry.

I will tell you that I was so relaxed, my face was so soft and I really felt energized.  A $6.00 investment, 30 minutes and some relaxing sounds and WOW I was transported to Pampering Land.

I hope you had a great weekend.  I had a fantastic one.  My closet was remodeled by my sister and her spouse, we had a great lunch together from Pies & Pints, we watched "The Corpse Bride" - and that was just Saturday.

Today Hubby, Son and I went to see "The Martian" which is an excellent movie.  Then we had lunch at Texas Roadhouse. I just finished finding two new recipes to try Monday and Tuesday and Hubby just left to go purchase the items that I will need.   And "Fear of the Walking Dead" will be on at 9:00 pm.   I'm having a great Sunday too.

See you tomorrow... and don't forget to comment and let me know how you pamper yourself.


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