Holiday Book Drive - Barnes & Noble

I wanted to share with you the above photo.  It's time for the Holiday Book Drive at Barnes & Noble through December 25th.  I chose a Christmas Book to donate yesterday.  They even will give you a book mark so you can write a message to be placed in the book.

I'm a big advocate of reading.  Reading can change your life.  Therefore I'm a big supporter of literacy and try to help out when an opportunity presents itself.

I plan on going to Barnes & Noble every Sunday and choosing a book to purchase for my donation.  I have so many favorite children books I would like to share with others.

If you live close to a Barnes & Noble and wish to participate in this book drive, just drop by and pick out a book to purchase.  Also I hope you take the time to place a message on the bookmark.

November is a month of abundance and gratitude.  I certainly want to share the written word with the new generation and I do believe that one book has the power to change your life.

Hope you are having a super Tuesday.  Today was 73 degrees; so unusual for this time of year; but I'll take it because I know snow is lurking around the corner.


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