December 12th - The Gift of Giving

I was at my local McDonald's and noticed their Angel Tree.  The Angel Tree had little paper angels with children's names, age, size and several items they would like for Christmas.  The project is sponsored by the Centerville Evening Optimist group.  I'll be honest, I never heard of the project before or the group so I did some research and decided we wanted to participate in this project.  My Hubby and I reviewed the angels and chose three girls - ages 10, 11 and 12.

On Friday Gary and I went shopping for the "angel" gifts.  We had so much fun picking out the perfect gifts.  I didn't find out about this project until last weekend.  So there weren't many angels left on the tree.  Next year as soon as I see their Christmas tree go up, I'll be picking up some angels.

I hope the spirit of giving wells up in your heart.  At this time of year when some times it feels that there is so much hate and anger in the world, it's nice to sprinkle a little kindness and hope to others.


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