December 1st - Hello December

I have a confession.  December is one of my favorite months.  My wedding anniversary is on December 2nd.  Winter begins in December.  Of course there is Christmas eve and Christmas Day.  My Grandma's birthday was in December and then you finish off the month with New Year's eve.  And the snow, don't forget about the glorious blanket of snow that might just fall.

With all the activity this month brings, the stress of trying to get everything done that needs to be done, it's so easy to get run down, become bitchy and begin to hate the month.

I decided a long time ago that I'm not Martha Stewart (although I would like to be).  I simply can't do everything perfectly.  And let's be honest - have you ever knocked yourself out decorating the house, or making the perfect holiday card or baking the best Christmas cookie ever and no one acknowledges your efforts? I soon realized I was craving some sort of attention or praise - you know that shiny gold star the teacher gave you in school.

I still decorate the house, I still make my own Christmas cards and treats but I do it in a different mindset.  I do it for the enjoyment it brings me.  I enjoy looking at my Christmas tree.  It makes me happy to see all the sparkly ornaments.  I decorate the rest of the house with precious Christmas items from the past, and not every Christmas item I own.  I think my Hubby and son enjoy how the house is decorated too; but it doesn't bother me if they don't mention it.

I do try to have the house and tree decorated by the end of November so that I have the entire month of December to enjoy whatever the month brings.  But I'm also selective in what I choose to participate in.  Sometimes it's okay to say "no thank you" and to do so without feeling guilty.

I hope December is filled with magical moments for you.  I hope December overflows with love, family, friends and memories that will last a lifetime.  I hope December brings you moments of peace, calm and clarity.


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