December 4th - Uncle Sonny

Today I met my Uncle Sonny and his granddaughter Lydia over at Clara's Pizza in Richmond, Indiana.  Clara's was adorned with thousands of Christmas lights.  I love how they decorate their place for Christmas.  I personally would leave all the lights up throughout the year because it makes the restaurant cozy and festive.

After lunch we drove back to Sonny's house to see how he had decorated the Fairy Cottage for Christmas and to drop off one of Grandma's kitchen chairs.  Sonny lives at Wayne Lakes.  He has a great pond view and his house is surrounded by huge trees.  It's so quiet there; I would love living there.

He built a fairy cottage for his grandchildren.  There is a bunk bed inside, a little built in sofa, kitchen table and chairs and of course a small TV.  In the summertime he has a little patio area and a grill and I know I have enjoyed a picnic lunch down by the fairy cottage.

But with Christmas fast approaching he has the cottage and the fence leading up to the cottage covered in greenery and lights.  I know this would even be prettier when night arrives (we were there around 5 pm).

Uncle Sonny and my sister Becky

Inside the cottage the fairies had decorated their Christmas tree.   The cottage is very cozy and I'm sure Sonny's grandchildren love to go down there to watch a movie or to eat a special meal with their Grandpa.  

Uncle Sonny is the perfect grandpa.  He loves spending time with his grandchildren and loves building little moments of magic with each of them.  Sonny is so creative.  


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