Hello August!!

I get excited when August appears.  And it's purely for selfish reasons.  It marks the end of summer, it celebrates the appearance of my son on the face of the Earth and a reason to buy back to school supplies even when you don't have a child going back to school.  And of course an opportunity to purchase a new Hello Kitty lunchbox.

Where July kept me housebound; August gives you little teases of cooler nights and breezy days.  Sure the heat and humidity lingers; but they know they are loosing that battle and soon Autumn will make her glorious and welcomed appearance.

Do you do anything special in August?  Let me know in the comments below.


Patty said…
No, August use to be a sad month for me. Meant school would be starting, four kids would have to be up, dressed and ready to eat a bite of breakfast, and four lunches packed, plus your Dad's. House would get very quiet. Until the fifth one came along, which meant there were quite a few years between the other four, Becky was 11, Melinda 15, Chris 16 and you were 17. Like starting all over again. I wasn't quite ready for that. LOL

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