October 13th????

Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!  This month is flying by toooooo quickly.

So October is one of my favorite months.  But this year I'm busy studying for my Series 66 so I havent been spending as much time doing the things I love for Autumn.

My house is decorated but I didn't put up my Halloween tree.  I must say I do miss it.  But now that it's the 13th of the month; I'm debating whether it's worth going to the storage locker to dig out the black tree and all those ornaments.

I haven't even been to Hidden Valley Farm to get my caramel apples.  However, tomorrow night we are doing a "scary movie" watch-a-thon with lots of good Halloween treats.

I haven't even purchased a pumpkin yet.... dang October is kicking my ass.

On a bright note -- my sisters will be coming over on the 22nd to have our 1st Annual Carve a Pumpkin event.  Looking forward to that.

What kind of things do you like to do in October?  What is your favorite scary movie or book?  What is your favorite Halloween candy?   Please share in the comment section below.


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