Nov 1 - 2016

November arrives...along with 80 degree weather.  I wonder if this means we will have a warm Winter or a snowy one or simply that it was 80 degrees on the first day of the month.

Little cupcake Alex is getting sick and he actually sipped some soda out of my cup on Saturday when we went to watch "Inferno"  Oh I hope he wasn't germy then.  I don't want to be puking.

I made a decision today to stop studying for the Series 66 until after the Holidays.  I don't have 5 to 6 hours a day to prepare for it.  The study guides states it takes at least 140 hours to be prepared to take the test.  So instead of getting angry because I haven't been able to study, or getting mad and resentful since I have to take the exam (since JPMorgan didn't renew my license properly) and since November should be about thankfulness and gratitude, I'm opting out from the study grind; at least for now.

My favorite tree has lost almost all it's leaves.  It makes me a little sad.  It happened so quickly this year.  I get so excited when it turns a bright crimson.  Every year I try to snap a photo that captures it's beauty but every year I fail.  The beauty of my tree shall remain in my mind.

Off to a Stampin Up class... oh yes, it's time to begin making Christmas cards.

I hope you have a fantastic November.


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