Nov 2 - 2016

I was watching a YouTube video on Planners and made the discovery that Justin Cronin had published the final book in his triology,  I read the first book "The Passage" in 2010.  Of course I followed up with "The Twelve" in 2012.  However, since so much time had passed, I decided to reread the original two books.

Now these are book stories.  The first book was 879 pages and the second book was over 600 pages but I was determined to reread them before I began reading the third.  So for the last 3 weeks I've been reading and reading.

I finally finished "The Twelve" on Friday October 28th.  The first two books I purchased for my Kindle; but I questioned why did I need to buy the third book.  So I dropped over to my local library to see if a copy was available.  And they did have one.  A Large Print edition... which is 957 pages and about as thick as a brick.

So this month I'll be getting a workout lugging such a huge book around.  And I look forward to the unfolding of this story.


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