Goodbye April

I can say I'm ready to say goodbye to April.  This has been a challenging month for me since I've been home on medical leave.  In March my right knee "went out".  After limping around for several weeks my back went out and I developed tendonitis in my shoulder.

Now my back has improved, I received an injection in my knee and I'm doing physical therapy twice a week.  My knee cap is sort of jammed up.

I also had a Dexa Scan at the urging of my endocrinologist and guess what???? I have osteoporosis in my spine and osteopenia (the beginning stage of osteoporosis) in my hips.  And my family doctor has confirmed that an x-ray of my right knee confirmed I have arthritis in that knee joint.

Was turning 60 my 100,000 mile checkup?  The neglect of my body for the last 40 years has caught up with me.  So now the Endocrinologist has me on Vitamin D 50,000 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday along with 600 mg of Calcium 3x a day. And I joined Weight Watchers.  I figure it's time to take off some extra pounds, to lighten the load on my spine, my knees and hips.

So I will officially return to work on May 8th 4 hours a day.  I do feel I have a plan of action to get my body back in alignment.   I sort of forgot that when you have gastric bypass you need to be diligent in taking your vitamins because your body can't absorb them as it did in the past.  And if you don't replenish them, in time your body will become depleted.  Hello!  That's me - Miss Depletion.

I don't want to wear "Help I've fallen and can't get up" necklace.  I don't want knee replacement or a hip replacement at 60.  So May will be month where I will develop new habits to take me through the remaining years of my life.


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