Hello April

I know everyone is saying it -- but 2017 is flying at an alarming rate.

I'm currently on short-term medical leave because of my right knee.  I go to the Doctor's office on Monday -- to get the results of the x-ray that was taken last week and to see what is the next medical option.  I sort of see an MRI in my future and then hopefully physical therapy to get back on the mend.

It's amazing how the problem with my knee is also affecting my back and right shoulder.  And I'm so tired and frustrated of taking pain medicine to ease the discomfort which can be quite maddening at times.

So think healing thoughts for me.  I'm certainly sending positive thoughts towards my Doctor so we can figure this thing out and get back to thriving.

I hope April is a glorious month for you.  Blessings to each of you.


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