Sage Saturday

Today I decided to "sage" the house.    With medical issues, plumbing issues and even a garage door problem, I wanted to cleanse our home of all the negativity that seems to be flooding in lately.

I purchased several sage sticks at the House of Ravenwood in Yellow Springs several months ago.  Today is a beautiful day; warm and windy - a perfect day to open the windows.

I had to work fast because we have incredible smoke alarms that sometimes go off because I'm boiling water.... but I said a prayer in each room... allowed the smoke to move along the ceiling and corners... and visualized all the negativity blowing out the windows.

Now I'm diffusing Thieves and setting my home with good intentions and lots of love.  Have you ever saged your house before?  Can I use sage as a verb?  Inquiring minds NEED to know.

Happy Saturday my friends!  I hope your day is overflowing with blessings.


Mrs Bell said…
We have smudged our house, and as a matter of fact i think it is due to be done again! Gotta get the bad juju out!!

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