Haircut and Color

Don't you always feel better after a haircut?  Isn't it always like one day your hair is just fine, and the next morning you wake up and it's too long?

Anyway -- Saturday morning I went to 252 West Salon to get my haircut and all those gray/grey roots covered up.

Yes that is a little purple that is mixed in with my dark brown.  Since I work in a pretty conservative industry I'm not allowed to have "purple" hair the way I would want to have it; so I compromise.

You really can't see the purple unless I'm outside in the sun, or under a bright light.  Now for the next couple of days you might see it more intensely at my roots, but once I wash it; you can't really tell

I left my glasses in the car and have very little make-up on; but I'm pleased with the haircut and the color.  Now if I could just get rid of those wrinkly eyes.


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