July 2017

July creeps in.  The humidity increases, hay fever is out of control and half the year is gone!

This year has been challenging for me and my family.  I was off work for knee and back issues.  My hubby has completed a year with a Pain Management doctor and still suffers nerve pain from falling down the stairs in February 2016.  So now he's on a new medication that supposedly will lessen the nerve pain (although the Pain Management doctor ablated the nerves).  And I had a breast scare with my mammogram in June, but after a second test I've been told I'm okay (although they are ordering a breast MRI).

I hope the arrival of July will bring some peace to our lives.  I hope Gary will finally find something that will help him in his pain management.  I hope my knee holds out for a little while longer.

On Sunday I go to Mom and Dad's to celebrate Melinda's and Melissa's birthdays (July 5th and June 27th).  No cookouts this year at my parent's home; just cake and snacks.  It's hard to believe my baby sister is 44.  Hell, it's hard for me to believe I'm 61.  Time flies by too, too quickly.

I hope July brings you lots of family moments of love and new memories.  I would like to actually go on a picnic this summer.  And I haven't been to a drive-in movie for years so will be heading to Melody 49 to check one out.

Let me know what you would like to do this summer?


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