The Silence of a Sunday Morning

It's so quiet this morning. A fluffy white blanket fits snug on the ground. Some animal tracks left as a reminder that life goes on despite the conditions.

A cardinal is calling. I look high in the trees and yet I can't see him. But he is persistent, calling over and over again.

I place a container of cut up apples for the squirrels and raccoons... and I hear the limbs of the bushes moving. Someone must be watching me, waiting to see what I brought them today.

I scatter pieces of torn bread across the lawn...knowing that the little sparrows will arrive as soon as I close the door.

And then I hear the oven timer ringing... the muffins are ready. And my day begins.


sounds like a good day is starting!
Anonymous said…
Glad to see you are having fun with the camera in the snow. Sure is cold here and the ice is thick. Hope you are all OK and warm.
grnidlady said…
what kind of muffins? i bet they would taste good with my hot tea! :)
Anonymous said…
Dang, what kind of stuffed cardinal bird did mom see?
grnidlady said…
i have today off too! but it's raining! so, what do you have yummy for me to eat this morning? ;)

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