A Spider and a June Bug

Last night, around 11:00 pm, I opened the patio door. A large, juicy June Bug flew in, buzzing past my "good" ear.... and behind the back of my head.

I called my Husband... as he is the "Official Bug Terminator" in our household... and before he could get in to the kitchen, the June Bug flew into a spider web that had sprung up since dinnertime.

And as little Miss Muffet said... "along came a tiny little spider... no bigger than an ant... and reached the June Bug and it must have bite it.

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Then the tiny little spider began to roll the June Bug. Due to the size of the June Bug... the spider struggled... but was able to capture 4 of the June Bugs legs.. and I swear it looked like the June Bug was "hog tied".

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The June Bug fell from the web... and upon examination ... the official bug terminator said "I'll be damn... it's dead."

Now that was a mighty little spider.


I bet you keep that spider in the house! It will collect any unwanted bugs from your home!

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