The Return of the Demonic Squirrel

I knew he was out there... somewhere. But he's been laying low lately.

This morning I threw out some extra bread for the baby robins and cardinals... and as soon as I turned to come back inside, I felt his presence. I glanced over my shoulder and there he was, staring me down.

He began to eat...

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I watched him....not blinking... and I must admit... I had to turn away because that little squirrel wasn't blinking either.

And just as soon as I picked up my camera to take a picture of a bluejay sipping water from my birdbath.... that same little Demonic Squirrel jumped up... causing the bluejay to take off... and the squirrel began to drink.

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Melinda said…
DAMN he has the freakiest eyes!!
Anonymous said…
Yes, the pictures are very nice. And he was both hungry and thirsty. Nice job.

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