Americana Festival - Centerville, Ohio

From a massive parade in the morning, to some amazing fireworks tonight, Centerville really knows how to pay tribute to the birth of our nation.

And with a dark, gloomy overhead sky, and a lively breeze in the air, the weather was pretty remarkable for a July day.

Sleepybird performed this afternoon. You'll have to check out their site and listen to them. I love their music.

Mike Elsass was also set up and painting away on rusted steel. Many little girls lined up to get a chance at rolling paint.

Centerville blondes walked and pushed their little teeny tiny dogs. I can't believe they all want to be and look like Paris Hilton.

And we ate some bad gyros and Greek salad..... that wasn't gyros and I've never seen Ranch dressing on a Greek salad before.

But it was a pleasant time.... and below are just a few of the pictures I took.

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Doesn't Gary look excited? Not!! We were walking uphill to go home... and there were probably 60,000 people gathered on the streets. It was majorly crowded.

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Sleepybird performance was great. And see the cute little rat oops I mean dog. There were several doggie oasis set up so they could get refreshed.

Well... over to grill some porkchops.


Anonymous said…
Nice photography, Angela.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo
Mom said…
Looks like everyone was having a grand time.

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