Miss Maisie Competition

During a search on the Worldwide Web, I discovered "The Beginning of Things to Come" blog. Her blog is located at: http://www.starcreations.blogspot.com/

She presented a photo she entitled "Miss Maisie" and asked her readers to come up with a card creation. Here is the picture she allowed us to use:

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And this is the tag card I created. Now... I did place a letter M on it.... and my grandmother's name is Mae........ so I dedicate this card to her.

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Melinda said…
very nice Angela!
Rein said…
This is wondreful!
Esther said…
Hey!I am back from my hol's thanks for joining in with the competition. Winner to be announced soon...Great collage work, the pearls are a lovely idea!
Anonymous said…
Wow I just love what you did with Esther's photo... its gorgeous :)

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