Day 6 - Amish Friendship Bread

So, it started on a Monday morning. A new employee at work, with the last name of Lovely, stated proudly, "I've brought 4 starters of Amish Friendship Bread, that I baked yesterday." I heard a large inhalation of breath coming several cubicles down from me. I eased forward on my chair, gazing over the cubicle top, and saw 4 large ziploc bags filled with what I can only described as something you might see in a fertility clinic.

I sort of did a sideways glance to see if anyone was going to pick up a bag of this starter. Lovely was standing there so sweetly, with a large grin on her face, that I felt compelled to leave the safety of my cubicle and venture forward to claim a bag for my very own.

Then Lady Lovely handed me an 8 1/2 by 11 instruction sheet for Days 1 through 10. Yes, the bag was going to remain with me for 10 days. Oh... and at the bottom of the instructions, there was a recipe for baking the 2 loaves of bread this tiny little starter would create... and the best of all... [INSERT EVIL GRIN], I'll have enough to create 4 starters of my own. I don't even have to look for 4 victims, [clears throat] I mean participants. I have 3 sisters and a Mom to share this delight with.

So for the first five days your instructions are to "Mush the bag". Hmmmmm easy enough.

This is what my starter looks like today.

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But today the instructions change. Today I get to add things to the bag. 1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar and 1 cup milk (yikes.... this stuff will be sitting outside of refrigeration for another 4 days).

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Then you get to mush everything together. It actually feels kind of nice... and surprisingly, it has a nice aroma (I was expecting like milk gone bad).

And now my little starter has grown. And being the happy little Creator, I had to share the latest pic.

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Off to make super... "Shanghai Stir-fried Noodles with chicken"


Melissa said…
I've made this bread a few times. Great....when will I receive the "little starter" bag? I suppose next Saturday?
Mom said…
Well I now know what we'll all be sharing next Saturday. I think I can find four neighbors to give a start to, whether they want it or not. If nothing else, will drag it over to school, after the secretaries have all left for the day and stick some in their mail boxes for them to find the next day. Ha!Ha!.

Is this the one where you have to also add fruit some time along the way? Or is it just regular bread? I was thinking it's more like a quick bread like for coffee cakes and etc.

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