Trick or Treat - My Gift I'm Sending

Below are the items I'm shipping across the ocean tomorrow morning... yikes... it's 1:13 a.m.... I guess I mean this morning.

The theme was "Trick or Treat"... so I made a card from a vintage photo, I found a glitter Trick or Treat sign at a local store, the tin of Hershey nuggets I stamped labels for, a Teddy pumpkin to make you smile... 2 creepy glow-in-the-dark spiders, a little Jack-o-lantern votive cup and of course a pack of Martha Stewart (yes... the Goddess I worship) eyelet cards and envelopes.

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Off to dreamland I go, this afternoon it's off to Little Miss Audrey for a "Witches Party"

Nighty Night


oldmanlincoln said…
Nice things you do. See you sometime today.
Melissa said…
Those are some nice things you sent to your secret person, hopefully they won't read this blog before they get the package. Of course I guess they won't know it's for them will they!
mermaid_misk said…
Hello! I was the very lucky recipient of this gorggeoous parcel!! Thank you so very much it brightened up my morning no end, i have posted a photo on my blog! My cats are infatuated with the spiders!! xxxx

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