Follow-up to Grandma's Visit

We did indeed have Chicken and Noodles. And not only did Grandma bake an apricot pie, she also baked an apple pie for Alex.

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Apricot Pie.... my favorite.... this was one of the best pies that Grandma has ever baked.

And here's the piemaker............... my Grandma C

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She's not fond of having her picture taken.

On the way home around 10:00 pm last night.... pulling into Starvin Marvin:

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Off to Borders, Bath & Body... and then Hobby Lobby. Have a great Monday!


Patty said…
I called Mom around 9:15, she said you guys had just left. She was upset because she didn't think the apple pie turned out like it should have. I told her if Alex liked it, then it must have been good. Her noodles are always good. She looked a little tired, but I don't think she had any make-up on, she doesn't wear much, but when she has some on, it brings her face to life. Glad you all had a nice time and visit. Love you
Melissa said…
The pie looks good, Grandma looks good, and the lights look like the was whipped into the parking lot so quick that all you got where these lights....
Melinda said…
she does make the BEST pies ever! That pic of the apricot pie looks soooooooo yummy!

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